Display and Presentation Materials

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Help spread the news of how Presbyterians are working to serve marginalized and vulnerable people. Display and presentation materials including PowerPoint presentations, informative videos, retractable banners and photo displays.

Video: What is Malnutrition?

by Karen Bokma

Hidden hunger is a form of malnutrition that affects millions around the world. Hidden hunger occurs when people consume what appears to be enough food, yet that food lacks the nutrients required to promote development and sustain health. Approximately 2 billion people worldwide–many of them children–suffer from hidden hunger.

Share the work of PWS&D with PowerPoint

by Anna Muir

Presbyterian World Service & Development encourages individuals, mission groups and advocates to share the work of PWS&D with their congregation. This new PowerPoint presentation makes presenting easy by providing a general overview of our programs, speaking notes, beautiful images and real stories from people whose lives have been touched by the generosity of Presbyterians.  

Video: What is Food Assistance?

by Karen Bokma

Food assistance is one of the major aspects of the work PWS&D does in partnership with Canadian Foodgrains Bank. This video gives an explanation of global food assistance in response to hunger crises around the world.

New Video: One Mission, Two Funds

by Karen Bokma

Looking for a great new video resource to use in your church? Presbyterian World Service & Development and Presbyterians Sharing have put together a video explaining the work that we do together as The Presbyterian Church in Canada. One Mission, Two Funds shows how we are responding together around the world.

PWS&D Posters

by Karen Bokma

PWS&D Poster 2017 PWS&D Poster 2016 PWS&D Poster 2015 PWS&D Poster 2014 PWS&D Poster 2013

World Food Day in Guatemala 2014

by Karen Bokma

Every year, PWS&D partner AMMID takes part in an activity fair highlighting the necessity of food security and food sovereignty. Five themes were highlighted when it comes to food security and nutrition. Take a photo tour through the fair with them! Agroecological food production was a central focus of the fair. Groups who are practicing […]

Start a PWS&D Display Board in your Church

by Karen Bokma

Are you looking for new ways to share more about the work PWS&D is doing around the world? One of the easiest ways to keep your congregation up to date with the latest PWS&D news (or promote ongoing fundraising activities) is to start a display board. What to Include: PWS&D poster We Respond around the […]

Typhoon Haiyan Relief Video

by Karen Bokma

Typhoon Haiyan, known locally as Yolanda, ravaged a wide swath of the Philippines in November 2013. ACT Alliance member agencies and their local partners responded heroically to the humanitarian crisis. Three months after the storm, ACT Alliance General Secretary John Nduna came to the affected areas to see for himself how the ACT Alliance was […]

Christmas Cards

by Karen Bokma

Spread some Christmas love by sending PWS&D’s brand new Christmas cards to your friends and family. Support development and relief activities around the world by purchasing these beautiful cards. Packs of 15 cards (five each of three designs) are available for only $10, plus tax. Place your order through The Book Room (1-800-619-7301, resources [at] […]

Raise a Banner for PWS&D

by Karen Bokma

With four designs to choose from, PWS&D’s retractable banners are perfect for display in your church. The colourful banners are available for purchase or you can borrow ours for special events and fundraisers.