Terrifying violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine State has forced over half a million Rohingya people to flee from their homes and seek refuge in Bangladesh.

A military crackdown on insurgence in the state has left innocent Rohingya families subject to unthinkable trauma—family members killed and homes and fields set ablaze.

Forced from their homes with nothing, refugees—mostly women, children and the elderly—are pouring into a small region of Bangladesh and settling in miserable shelter conditions with little food, medical and sanitation services.

Photo: Medical Teams International

The Rohingya are in need of many necessities for survival.

PWS&D, in partnership with members of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, is responding by helping provide life-saving food assistance to 18,000 Rohingya people for three months.  Fortified biscuits are included in the food baskets as 10% of the Rohingya refugee population are pregnant or lactating and require extra nutrition.

In collaboration with partners at the ACT Alliance, PWS&D is also able to respond to meet needs for non-food items, temporary shelter, sanitation services and psychosocial assistance.

As Christians, we are called to respond to respond to the world’s pain and despair. Please join with us in supporting relief efforts for Rohingya refugees and continue to pray for an end to hatred and violence in Myanmar.

You can make a donation to PWS&D through your church, by mailing a cheque to the office, donating online or calling 1-800-619-7301 x291. Please mark all donations “Rohingya crisis.”



Banner photo: Credit Raisa Chowdhury (ACT Alliance)