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Is your church “healthy”? How so?

Does it have the potential to grow to greater health? In what ways?

Does it really matter if it’s healthy? Why?

What does a “healthy” church look like anyway?

Natural Church Development has demonstrated in, comprehensive international research and over ten years experience in over 54,000 local churches that:

  • There are eight health characteristics essential to every church.
  • Increasing your church’s health is the most effective way to grow it.
  • There are universal, God-given growth principles you can apply.
  • There is no substitute for a process which keeps you focused on the most important health issues facing your church.

If partnering with God to grow a healthier church really is a priority for you, go to and download the free booklet – Natural Church Development: An Introduction for Churches. If you want more information, go to and view the mini seminars and videos or contact:

John-Peter Smit (519.208.2236)
Anita Mack (450.923.0794)
Canadian Ministries (800-619-7301)