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Anticipated Outcomes:

The anticipated outcomes of the Facilitator’s effort will result in boundary smashing realizations of the Presbyterian faith experience within the bounds of Waterloo-Wellington Presbytery; developing new forms of faith connexion, being a community in faith, paths of service within and without the church, through:

  • Paying attention to the hopes, concerns, and needs of 20-40 year olds (“emerging generations”) in the Presbytery and the greater community to determine how new forms of faith connexion and service, will help them deepen their spirituality and relationship in faith and how they might serve one another as Christian disciples.
  • Connecting the Presbytery and its ministries, to the goals of emerging generations.
  • Advocating for the inclusion of “emerging generations” in all aspects of the ministry and leadership of congregations and presbytery.
  • Raising awareness of post-secondary students and young adult issues, needs and contributions in the community and the world. (20-40, with emphasis on post-graduate young adults).
  • Working with young adults and families to plan and carry out emerging generation’s ministry in a varied and wide-ranging plan that includes worship, study, fellowship, and service opportunities.
  • Promoting the understanding of Christian vocation in daily life, building an understanding of God’s call for all Christians in faith and service.
  • Identifying and developing quality emerging generation ministry leaders through the encouragement of the development of gifts, skills and ideas.
  • Communicating intentionally with organizations (including other denominations, service organizations, charities, etc.), people, and resources that relate to emerging generations in the community.
  • Communicating the good news of God’s transforming grace in ways that connect with people of all ages and backgrounds, both churched and unchurched.
  • Participate in an orientation period of six months to become familiar with the scope of the work, including congregational visits, focus groups and cultural understanding of the Presbytery.
  • Build an inventory of current emerging generations’ leaders in the Presbytery
  • Research other denominations and Christian ministry partners, who have committed emerging generation’s engagement resources, are doing around emerging generation’s engagement.
  • Allow the leadership and the facilitating resource the freedom to explore and act – radically out of the box
  • Develop a Presbytery wide analysis for the development of emerging generations faith connexions

Terms of Service:

This is a three year contract position. This position is half-time with flexible hours. Financial compensation is competitive and will be in accordance with the terms of the contract.

The successful candidate will have to capacity to maintain confidentiality and safeguard sensitive information and records. The ability to work independently and in group settings, to set short and long term goals to meet identified needs, achieve them, and evaluate results, and to work within the system of accountability of the Presbytery. Must own a vehicle and the ability to travel through the Presbytery.

Accountability and Review: The Facilitator will be appointed by Presbytery, accountable directly to Presbytery and report directly to Presbytery via a newly created “Emerging Generations Engagement Advisory Team.”

Key Responsibilities:

    1. Help Develop and Implement a strategy to define the Presbytery’s relevancy to emerging generations.
    2. Encourage Relationships of Mutual Trust, Respect and Active Partnership among Congregations within the Presbytery and between Congregations and Other Faith Communities and Agencies within the Bounds of Presbytery.
    3. Promote and facilitate dialogue, friendships and stronger relationships among the congregations and various ministries within the bounds of Presbytery.
    4. Lead the discussion of the future role of Presbytery, in support of emerging generations’ engagement, with sessions, congregational leaders and members, presbyters and leaders in pastoral ministries.
    5. Help create a framework where emerging generations can network and communicate and become excited about their relationship with Christ and to share the ideas and framework under which their faith expression can flourish.
    6. Gather and Communicate the Best Practices of Emerging generations Engagement in the broader Church and World and Identify Areas of Possible Collaboration including:
      • Collect and share stories from the life and emerging generation’s ministries within Presbytery, celebrating their successes and best practices as well as their needs, challenges and opportunities in ministry.
      • Identify areas of possible collaboration and partnership and ways in which the Presbytery can more effectively channel its resources, through the faith work of emerging generations led ministry, in the service of Christ’s mission in the world.
    7. Fulfill Administrative and reporting Responsibilities (time not to exceed 15% of contract):

Key Gifts and Competencies:

  • Spiritual Gifts and Qualifications: Spiritual gifts: servanthood, teaching, leadership, administration, helping, and shepherding.
  • Experience, skills: This leader should show evidence of passion for emerging generation’s ministry, genuine interest in responding to the hopes and concerns of emerging generations in our community, prior effective ministry leadership, and evidence of active and growing discipleship.
  • This person must listen well and communicate effectively with people of all ages, be skilled in collaborative planning and implementing ministry, be able to work well with others, delegate responsibility and follow up getting the job done.
  • Demonstrate ability to understand and relate to people under forty, young adults and young families to develop alternative ministry projects and programs outside of the traditional church format.
  • Recruiting, motivating, and equipping volunteer leaders.
  • Fluency in current technology and social media, an asset.
  • Two to Five years’ experience with young adult ministry, alternative or emerging church community, or national denomination or a sub-unit of a national denomination.
  • Experience in inter-generational ministry leadership or participation.
  • Ability and desire to lead effectively in a high-energy, complex environment, and the ability to lead and develop other leaders.
  • Proven track record of volunteer engagement, recruitment, training and retention.
  • Strong relational and interpersonal skills, including a high level of emotional intelligence and a passion for engaging with people.
  • Facilitation skills must be purpose fit to the emerging generations culture and allow the resource to act upon that evidence of a deep personal Christian faith that is integrated into his/her daily life along with the capacity to communicate her/his faith in a gracious manner.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, with sensitivity to the concerns of Presbytery, clergy, ruling elders and other church leaders, congregations and ministries.

If you have any questions contact pastor [at] doonpc [dot] com
Send your:

      • cover letter which will contain a one page description of how your experience applies to this position,
      • at least three references
      • and resume

to Wilma Welsh, Clerk of the Presbytery of Waterloo Wellington at clerkwatwell [at] gmail [dot] com

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