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Youth for Christ Winning, in conjunction with Kildonan Community Church, is looking for a Community Youth Worker. Located in north Winnipeg, KCC has a rich history of communicating the gospel throughout the neighbourhood and surrounding community. KCC seeks to be a place where teens are connected with caring volunteers, provided with a place to hang out, given opportunities to make positive choices in their lives, and introduced to the life-changing person, work, and teaching of Jesus Christ.

As a Community Youth Worker, you will create and implement the amazing programs and engaging activities, with a focus on outreach and discipleship. Working with a dedicated team of volunteers, and with the support of the KCC membership, you will give young people in the community opportunities to do something new, discover who they are, and encounter Jesus Christ. You will also host special events, both for junior and senior high school students.

You will need to be organised and energetic, enthusiastic about changing the lives of youth in the community, and willing to take initiative to get things done. You will learn how to plan and carry out large and small events, how to coordinate with a team, and how to connect with people from every walk and sector of the community, as well as work within the structure of an established church.

As Youth for Christ is a faith-based organisation, a successful candidate will be able to affirm and support our organisation=s Statement of Faith, and be committed to our mission.

We are passionate about changing the lives of young people, and we would like you to join us.

You can send inquiries to Ron Fischer at
ron [at] kildonancommunitychurch [dot] com and they will be forwarded to the appropriate people at Youth for Christ in Winnipeg.

You can also contact Youth for Christ Human Resources directly at hr [at] yfcwinnipeg [dot] ca

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