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Knox Sixteen is a community church in North Oakville. We are a Christian community who, with empathy and compassion, is present in and for the world sharing God’s love with all. As part of our mandate to reach out into the world and create meaningful intergenerational relationships, we have created a summer position to assist the Minister and the congregation with these missional objectives.

Title: Community Outreach Associate

16 weeks
40 hrs per week
Start – May 7, 2018

Wage: $14.00 per /hr

Position Tasks and Responsibilities

The Community Outreach Associate is responsible for assisting in the creating and developing inter-generational communities in North Oakville. They will accomplish this objective through the implementation of four projects: 1. conducting a social-needs assessment, 2. assisting with a community supper program, 3. organizing a 1-week summer camp and 4. And co-ordinating living history project.

Each project is described below and the tasks for the Community Outreach Associate are outlined:

Social-needs assessment

North Oakville is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada and is attracting an ever increasing and diverse population. An early assessment has identified that there is an increasing immigrant population from South East Asia. Further, it has identified that many of these new families are with-out social supports or community connections. The social-needs assessment would be conducted to identify what community support gaps are missing in the community.

Role Responsibilities:

  • Development of assessment tool
  • Administering the assessment tool (survey) in local community
    • personal interviews door-to-door
  • Writing of report and recommendations

Community supper program

Knox Presbyterian Church Sixteen has recently been approved under the New Horizons for Seniors Program to offer a supper program entitled: A Meal, A Game and A Prayer. This program is a seniors led community based initiative that will gather seniors to prepare a meal and share an activity on an ongoing and regular basis in an effort to reduce isolation, as well as promote and encourage intergenerational relationships between the seniors of Knox 16 and young families within our community.

Role Responsibilities:

  • Promotion of the program to the local community
  • Participation in the delivery of each program
  • Recruiting partners to support the program

Summer camp

The summer camp program is in response to the increasing number of younger families that are moving into the North Oakville area and the lack of organized activity for children in the local neighborhood. It is hoped that through this program the children and the parents will have the opportunity to create new relationships.

Role Responsibilities:

  • Conduct pre-planning (development of a 1 week summer camp program)
  • Advertise the program in the local community
  • Recruit volunteers to assist in the running of the program
  • Lead the program – including the management of the volunteers

Living history project

The North Oakville community is rapidly changing from being a rural agricultural community into a densely populated suburb. What will be lost in this transition, as the older members move or pass are the stories of the community. It is important that this part of our Canadian and religious heritage is captured and not lost to future generations.

Role Responsibilities:

  • Research and develop a format for capture of the stories
  • Identify and recruit older members of the community to participate
  • Identify and recruit younger members of the community to participate
  • Conduct interviews


  • Strong organizational skills with demonstrated ability to organize successful functions
  • Demonstrated presentation skills – both verbal and writing
  • Experience working with children in a leadership capacity
  • Computer skills including Microsoft Office. Ability to create posters would be an asset.
  • Access to a car would be an asset
  • This position is a faith-based position and candidates will be expected to comply with the Mission, Vision and core values of Knox Presbyterian Church Sixteen.
  • Preference will be given to students who are or are planning or are enrolled in seminary towards a calling into ministry.
  • A successful police background check is a non-negotiable requirement
  • Two references are required to be submitted with each application

Please submit applications by e-mail to Rev Patrick Gushue at pastor [at] knox16 [dot] com
Deadline for Application is March 31, 2018

This position is contingent upon Knox Presbyterian Church Sixteen successfully receiving funding through the Canadian Summer Jobs initiative of the Government of Canada.

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