• to be welcomed and loved!
  • Spirit-filled worship with expressive praise
  • dynamic speakers and leaders
  • to be engaged in scripture
  • to have your interest sparked and your thinking challenged
  • to be called to discipleship
  • to meet unique and remarkable Presbyterians
  • to be awakened, engaged and encouraged through God’s Word and by God’s people
  • to be part of an amazing community, gathered together to respond to Christ’s call

CY is both exceptional and unique because it is not just an event for youth.

The event is split into 3 tracks, each track has a separate focus and objective. These three tracks have independent schedules, which run simultaneously. Then the whole community comes together daily together for worship, recreation and meals.

Youth in the Youth Track spend time together in small groups for faith exploration, spiritual growth, and community building, they attend a wide variety of workshops, and recreation activities. This track celebrates the unique place of youth in the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Young adults in the Discipleship Track are engaged in conversations about vocation, discipleship, spiritual practices and community connections. The focus and intention for this track is to invigorate their faith development and to equip them for congregational leadership and service.

Youth Leaders in the Youth Ministry Training Track are re-charged with outstanding plenary sessions with renowned Youth Ministry experts, interactive workshops, and the chance to swap ideas with colleagues from across the country. This track includes both theoretical and practical congregational approaches to new youth ministry practices. Leaders return home to their communities and live out what they have learned and experienced.


Each day will have some or all of these activities:
• Worship • Small groups • Workshops • Recreation events
• Music   • A little hang-out time • Prayer • Curfew groups
• All kinds of conversations • Laughter • Praise
• And a few meals