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The Presbyterian Church in Canada offers various funding to help congregations in a variety of areas including children and youth ministry, worship, lay training, conferences, building projects, mission work, specialized ministries and ministerial assistance. For other funds, visit Canadian Ministries, Funds/Grants.

Supporting Ministry Grants are given to support ministry in one of these four categories as defined by The Life and Mission Agency:

  • New Congregational Development
  • Renewing Ministries
  • Specialized Ministries
  • Sustaining Ministries

Through generous donations to Presbyterians Sharing, it is possible for The Presbyterian Church in Canada to partner with presbyteries, (synods, when applicable) and local ministries to support initiatives across the country. The courts of the church are vested with significant powers and responsibilities and are to take great care in reviewing proposed grant applications before endorsing and submitting applications for consideration by Canadian Ministries.

The denomination relies heavily upon the wisdom and insight of mission committees of presbyteries (and synods, when applicable) to assess the needs of the local context and forward requests to Canadian Ministries only after ensuring that there is strong appropriate leadership and support for new and renewing ministries and that they fit within the presbytery’s vision of mission and ministry.

Moreover, presbyteries (and synods, when applicable) are to endorse ministries only after careful and prayerful consideration and that are believed to have some measure of vitality and longevity.

Ministry Grant Categories
Ministry Endorsement: Re-Application
Stipend and Allowances
Stories of Mission Samples
Image of arrow pointing downSample Annual LWC Report for grant receiving ministries

2017 Grant Application

Grant Application
Complete Application

Image of arrow pointing down사례금∙목회 활동비등에 대한 관련 정보 안내 Stipend and Allowances
Image of arrow pointing down보조금 지원 범주에 대한 안내 Ministry Grant Categories
Image of arrow pointing down자선 사업 기관의 법적 지위 관련 정보 안내 Charitable Status Registration
Image of arrow pointing down보조금 신규 신청 안내 Ministry Endorsement: New Application
Image of arrow pointing down보조금 재 신청 안내 Ministry Endorsement: Re- Application
Image of arrow pointing down사역 소개서 작성에 대한 안내 How to Write Stories of Mission
Image of arrow pointing down새로운 교회 및 사역지 설립에 대한 안내 Forming a Mission


A resource to assist presbyteries as they consider endorsing ministry requests:

Image of arrow pointing downCalled to Covenant
Image of arrow pointing downCalled to Covenant: Resource Book