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NEEDED – Amazing Mentors!

Congregations and ministries across Canada are growing in strength and vitality by tapping into the wealth of knowledge and experience mentors have to offer. In order to facilitate this work, The Presbyterian Church in Canada and The United Church of Canada have partnered to create a national network of mentors to help support the work of ministries across the county.

Do you have professional or significant volunteer experience in strategic planning, marketing, board development, fundraising, launching new ministries, visioning, etc? If so, you can become a mentor to a congregation or social ministry and help them realize their goals.

Why be a mentor?

  • Engage in a volunteer activity that helps build the church
  • Be part of a network of mentors that are making a difference in communities across Canada
  • Help ministries reach new levels of vitality and outreach
  • Develop great connections and relationships with your mentee
  • Gain or improve upon experience in a new sector
  • Learn about various ministries and how they are responding to God’s call to love and serve

The commitment?

Each mentor would dedicate 2 hours per month to their mentee over a 6-month period, totalling 12 hours.

Who can be a mentor?

Anyone with professional or significant volunteer experience to share can be a mentor! This includes recent graduates, retired professionals, people who are currently working, lay leaders or clergy who are looking for ways to help ministries achieve their mission.

What else?

As a mentor, you will be invited to join the online Social Mentor Network. Here, you will have the ability to interact with all other mentors and ministries in the network.

What is the Social Mentor Network?

The Social Mentor Network is a joint initiative of The Presbyterian Church in Canada and The United Church of Canada through its “Embracing the Spirit” ministry. Born out of the need to help grant receiving ministries in Canada respond to God’s call, this network aims to assist our churches by providing access to mentors who can help them build strong and sustainable ministries.

Questions? Want to apply?

Contact the Community Manager at socialmentornetwork [at] gmail [dot] com