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Senator PatersonThe Fund for Ministerial Assistance provides financial support to ministers and diaconal workers of The Presbyterian Church in Canada who meet the terms of the Fund and who are at or near minimum stipend as set by the General Assembly.


The Fund for Ministerial Assistance was established by an anonymous gift of one million dollars under an original indenture dated February 8, 1951. In 1983, following the death of the donor one week after his 100th birthday, the fund was renamed The Honourable Norman M. Paterson Fund for Ministerial Assistance, as an expression of the church’s appreciation for the gift. Senator Paterson and his beloved wife, Eleanor, maintained a life-long interest in the ministers of the church and their families and they hoped that their generosity might encourage the beneficence of others.

The Hon. Norman M. Paterson was especially concerned with ministers and their families; as such, the original indenture stated that gifts were to be made available to eligible married ministers. The spirit of the original indenture has been maintained and eligibility has been extended to include ministers who are divorced and have custody of, or financial responsibility for children. To be eligible for benefits from the fund, family income must be less than $10,000 above minimum stipend (including applicable increments). These terms are subject to review and revision as necessary.

Gift Cycle

Gifts awarded to eligible applications are dispensed on a quarterly basis (January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1). Applications received between gift disbursals will be considered during the quarter that follows the date the application was received.

All applications are kept in confidence.

Hon. Norman Paterson

How to Apply

Ministers or Diaconal workers within The Presbyterian Church in Canada may secure an application by contacting Ian Ross-McDonald at 50 Wynford Drive, Toronto, ON M3C 1J7 or 1-800-619-7301 or 416-441-1111 ext. 289.