Ballot for Moderator of 2018 General Assembly

2018 General Assembly Moderator nominees

Ballots will be sent to presbyteries this month for members of presbytery to vote. The Committee to Advise the Moderator will count the ballots on April 3, 2018. The 2018 General Assembly will convene Sunday evening, June 3, 2018, in Waterloo, Ontario.

Stephen Kendall, Principal Clerk
General Assembly Office

Ballot box
The Rev. Daniel Cho, B.A., M.Div.Minister, Rexdale Presbyterian Church, Toronto, Ontario
Daniel Cho grew up in Toronto after his family emigrated from South Korea in 1968. They attended the first Korean Presbyterian congregation in Canada that gathered at Knox Church, Spadina. Being a second-generation Korean-Canadian provides him a unique lens through which to experience the connection between faith-culture-generation. Having grown up in the church he was nonetheless dumbfounded when he sensed a call to the ministry.

After studying in the United States (Tulsa, Oklahoma and Chicago, Illinois) Daniel returned to attend Knox College and served as youth pastor. For the past 30 years he has been advocating for fostering the rich diversity of our church. Daniel is currently the minister of Rexdale Church, a multi-ethnic congregation, and moderator of the Presbytery of West Toronto. He is also a certified pastoral counsellor and certified mediator.

Daniel has served at all levels of the church as convener of the Life and Mission Agency Committee, presbytery moderator, committee chair, and convener of a synod special commission adjudicating the first case of alleged racial discrimination. He has represented the church on trips to Japan and China. Currently he is on the Board of Governors of Knox College and Justice Ministries Advisory Committee. He appears in the DVD church resource, Gifts of God: The Sacraments, jointly developed by The Presbyterian Church in Canada and the Presbyterian Church (USA). Daniel will be a main preacher at Canada Youth 2018.

Daniel is blessed to have known the spiritual writer, Henri Nouwen, as a personal mentor. He has been profoundly shaped and impacted by Henri’s teachings which he shares with others. Daniel wrote a chapter on spirituality for the Henri Nouwen Society. He also wrote on the intercultural church in the Presbyterian Record and has led seminars on this subject.

Additional study includes psychology and family therapy at Wilfrid Laurier University and Princeton Theological Seminary, and postgraduate work at the intersection of constitutional law, religion and democracy at University of Toronto Faculty of Law, University of London and Harvard. Daniel has served on a community safety panel with the Toronto Police Sex Crimes Unit, and since 2002 he has an advisory role working closely with senior government officials with the Correctional Service of Canada.

Daniel enjoys running and martial arts training. His wife, Esther, works in the healthcare field and they have three adult children – twin daughters and a son. He is an avid Star Trek fan and lover of sweets.

The Rev. Peter S. Han, B.A. (Hons), M.Div.Minister, Vaughan Community Church, Thornhill, Ontario
Peter Han has served for 30 years as an ordained minister in The Presbyterian Church in Canada at North Church, Toronto (1987-1989) and Vaughan Community Church, Thornhill (1989-Present). He is deeply passionate to equip congregations to envision an influential and practical faith in their mission to share the gospel in creative ways.

At Vaughan Community Church, Peter implemented a church-wide cell group system that meets weekly to study scripture, pray together and care for one another. With 650 adult participants, this has become the foundation of the church and has transformed its culture. It has also equipped the church to be a missional congregation who cares for the homeless community in the Greater Toronto Area, the education of youth in Marbiel, Haiti, and community development in Lomas, Bolivia.

Peter served the broader church as moderator of the Presbytery of Eastern Han-Ca, as a member of the Church Doctrine Committee, the Committee on Education and Reception, the Committee to Advise with the Moderator, the Knox Board of Governors and is a founding member of the Asian Centre at Knox College.

Peter has committed to raising up Christian leaders, mentoring and supporting pastors through personal relationships, internships and conferences. He chaired the Board of the Near East Asian Education Foundation in Canada for nine years, which helped establish the Yanbian University of Science and Technology in China and Pyongyang University of Science and Technology in North Korea. Both Christian-mission universities play a significant role in fostering Christian leaders in their respective countries.

Peter is an advocate for justice. He led a coalition representing Chinese, Filipino, Dutch and Korean-Canadian communities. They successfully petitioned the Canadian parliament to pass Motion 291 to urge the Japanese government to acknowledge the systematic sexual abuse and slavery against 200,000 women during the Second World War. He received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012 for his contributions to the wider Canadian society.

Peter is married to Rev. Theresa Han, who served as the Director of Spiritual Care and Counselling at Toronto East General Hospital and as the CPE Supervisor (1991-2007). They have three children, James, Joshua and Rachel.

The Rev. Mark R. McLennan, B.A., B.Th., M. Div.Minister, Knox Presbyterian Church, Woodstock, Ontario
Mark McLennan has served in The Presbyterian Church in Canada for almost 40 years, in five provinces, beginning with a mission field appointment in Wabush, Newfoundland and Labrador, and a student placement in Ile Perrot, Quebec. followed by pastoral charges in Red Deer, Alberta; Scotsburn, Nova Scotia; Thunder Bay and Woodstock, in Ontario

As a preacher, pastor, storyteller, Mark has served congregations of many types and sizes.

Ministry and mission are at the heart of his church work, including his interest in Biblical stewardship, social justice, worship and music.

He has attended two Stewards by Design programs, and a national stewardship conference, participated in a capital campaign for Camp Geddie in Nova Scotia, and convened the national campaign on behalf of St. Paul’s, Glace Bay, Cape Breton.

For Mark, the church is a community of love and respect, made up of people with a wide spectrum of belief, worshipping and working together, within a Biblical, theological framework, from a Reformed perspective.

Mark has served several presbyteries and one synod as clerk; as well as moderator of three presbyteries and two synods.

He is currently serving on the Assembly Council and its Executive.

Mark has written resources for The Presbyterian Church in Canada including a stewardship Bible study, bulletin covers and Lenten litanies.

He has served on several community boards including a museum, the Y, and an ecumenical street ministry.

Susan, his wife and faithful partner in ministry, has been a great source of strength, inspiration and support throughout the years.

They are both Life Members of the Atlantic Mission Society, and members of the Women’s Missionary Society. Susan recently completed her term as the president of the Women’s Missionary Society.

When Mark is not engaged in church work, he enjoys harness racing, live theatre, choral singing, wine tasting and cooking.

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