General Assembly Design Team Prepares for Future Assemblies

General Assembly Design TeamThe newly appointed General Assembly Design Team held its first meeting at the national office on April 28-29. Assembly Council established this team to assist the Assembly Council and the General Assembly Office to plan effective and efficient General Assemblies. Their work will help shape the 2018 and following Assemblies.

The responsibilities of the Design Team are:

  1. To provide overall direction for the planning of future Assemblies such as location, format and themes.
  2. To provide an effective and efficient means to address the business of the General Assembly.
  3. To appoint special working groups for worship and any special events, educational events or focus that may be identified for a specific General Assembly.
  4. To support the General Assembly Office in its role to prepare for and execute the General Assemblies.
  5. To support local preparations for the General Assembly.

At the late April meeting, a lively time of worship, prayer, fellowship, dreaming and planning was held over two days to begin the work. Team members spent time discovering the gifts, experience and insights each team member brings to the tasks of the team.

Convener Pat Dutcher-Walls said, “We hope the Design Team can assist the church in planning General Assemblies that are not only efficient for the business of the church but also effective in creating lively connections among commissioners and deeper thoughtfulness about ways the PCC can be part of God’s mission in the world.”

The team looks forward to working with the church as they carry out these responsibilities. The initial focus for their work is the 2018 General Assembly, which will be held at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario.

Members of the Design Team shown in the photo are: Hugh Donnelly, Pat Dutcher-Walls, Patty Farris, Tristan Gerrie, Nancy Harvey, Kristine O’Brien, with General Assembly Office staff, Stephen Kendall, Don Muir and Terrie-Lee Hamilton.

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