Annuities: Gifts that Keep on Giving

It is one of the best investments and most impactful gifts you can make.

For donors 60 years of age and older, a charitable gift annuity is a way you can make a significant gift to your congregation and/or another area of The Presbyterian Church in Canada and receive a guaranteed income at a fixed rate for life.

Benefits to you

  • A higher rate of return than GICs or bonds
  • Never worry about investment risk again
  • Guaranteed income for life for you (and your spouse, if you wish)
  • Receive an immediate one-time charitable tax receipt
  • A good portion (and sometimes all) of the income is tax-exempt
  • Leave a significant legacy gift to your congregation and/or another area of the church you care about after you die

Sample: for a $50,000 annuity*

Age* Fixed Rate for Life** Approx. Annual Payment Immediate One-time Charitable Tax Receipt
65 4.64% $2,320 $11,521
70 5.11% $2,555 $13,483
75 5.72% $2,860 $15,310
80 6.53% $3,265 $16,818
* Minimum age of 60 years and a minimum annuity of $5,000 is required
** Rate is based on a single male as of January 20, 2017, and is subject to change and based on age and gender.

What to do next

Find out the rate you would receive, the charitable tax receipt you will get, and the percentage of the annual payment which is tax-exempt with a no-obligation, personal and confidential quote by contacting the Stewardship and Planned Giving department at 1-800-619-7301.

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