Interfaith Build Program Seeks Local Volunteer Groups to Build Homes for Southern Alberta Families

Better Together

An interfaith initiative raising $1 million and mobilizing volunteers to build homes for 12 local families in need of affordable housing

About the Interfaith Build Program

The Interfaith Build Program aims to unite the goodwill of the faith communities in Southern Alberta under the common goal of raising $1M dollars and mobilizing volunteers to build 12 homes for local, low-income families.

It builds a good news story for our community to where seemingly divergent groups come together to serve others and build homes, relationships and a foundation for honest dialogue between faith communities.

Along with raising funds for building materials, it is our goal of involving clergy and their congregations in the actual construction of the homes. This past August, 16 clergy and 20 lay leaders of various faith communities participated in two special Build Days to gain first-hand experience at a Habitat for Humanity construction site so that they could motivate others to lend their time and talents for future build days.

This effort is empowered by a Clergy Leadership Team composed of various faith leaders in the Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities. We anticipate other faith groups will be joining us in the near future.

Two ways to make an impact with Interfaith:

  1. Volunteer contributions
    • Members of faith groups are encouraged to participate in the hands-on experience of building homes for local families.
    • They will work side-by-side with partner families and members of other faith communities.
  2. Fundraising contributions
    • The total cost of this portion of the build project is estimated at $1 million.
    • Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta is inviting faith communities to make donations.

Make a donation or register to volunteer at

Benefits of contribution and participation:

  • It’s often difficult to finding practical ways of expressing faith. As members of the Interfaith Build Program, your congregation has a tangible means of demonstrating a commitment to helping less fortunate people in the local community.
  • It’s a unifying force for your community members. This Habitat Interfaith Project provides opportunity to bring faith members together under a common goal that is forged with spiritual purpose.
  • It’s a demonstration of faith by works that sets an example for children and youth within your faith community. They have the opportunity to share in the community spirit that’s brought to life by helping families in need.

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